Tyler Leigh Globetti

Wedding Date: 5/5/2018

Photography: Hannah Miller with Be The Light

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Adalyn Cruz + Tonya T

My bridal experience as a Heidi Bride was perfection! You know the saying, “Beautiful inside and out”, well that is how I would describe Heidi Elnora Alterlier. Not only is every single detail in the Alterlier absolutely stunning, but Liz and Joy are two of the most beautiful and kind ladies on earth. I felt so welcomed, loved, understood, and comfortable as I worked with them to build my DREAM dress! Heidi’s attention to detail and love for her brides was present during every step of my dress journey. I’m proud to be a Heidi Bride and I would recommend Heidi Elnora to every bride-to-be!

Macaela Walters

Wedding Date: 4/14/2018

Photography: Landon Jacob

Dress Worn: Hello Darling: Custom Stella Darling

The ladies at Heidi Elnora are incredible! They made me feel so loved and special when I went in to look for my wedding dress. They had so much patience with me as I tried on so many dresses, and then eventually helped me customize my very own gown. The store is gorgeous, all the gowns are amazing, but the Heidi Elnora family is the best part. So personable, so loving, and so sincere! I LOVE my wedding dress and highly recommend Heidi Elnora Atelier!!!

Shelby McNutt Rutledge

Wedding Date: 4/7/2018

Photography: Allison Naylor

Dress Worn: Hello Darling: Blakelee Darling

Heidi Elnora was the first bridal boutique on my list! My aunt gave me some advice before going in- don't fall in love with one of the first ones you put on. She was a believer in shopping around at multiple boutiques to find the perfect dress. But of course, the third dress I tried on ended up being the one. I felt no pressure to buy a dress and they did an awesome job helping me stay on budget. Liz and Joy made the experience so laid back and fun! They are truly invested in you during your visit and I would recommend them to anyone anywhere!

Callan Freese Hand

Wedding Date: 3/24/2018

Photography: Taylor Dane Photography

Dress Worn: Hello Darling: Blakelee Darling + Custom Veil

Heidi elnora Altelier is by far the best place to go dress shopping in Birmingham! The entire staff was so incredibly helpful and caring. Liz was the BEST! She was so patient as I tried on different dresses, and she knew exactly what I had in mind. I found the most beautiful dress, and I could not have done it without her! The entire staff made me feel like the most special bride from the moment I walked into the door! If you are dress shopping in Birmingham, you have to check out their bridal boutique! You will not be disappointed!

Lauren Taylor Spigner

Wedding Date: 3/24/2018

Photographer: Justin DeMutiis Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Coco Marie + Frances Fitted Overlay + Ruched Belt

I could not have had a better wedding dress buying experience. Elizabeth was absolutely lovely and helped find the perfect dress for me. Becoming a #heidibride has been my favorite part of the wedding planning experience so far!

Ashley Moultrie Robertson

Wedding Date: 3/17/2018

Photography: Phillip Dupree

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Ella Grace + Custom Trim Top

I cannot say enough positive things about Heidi Elnora Atelier. Heidi and her team were a pleasure to work with and treated me like family. I feel every girl tries to imagine what the experience is going to be like when they first try on a wedding dress, and the team at Heidi Elnora Atelier made that more special than I ever could have dreamed of. We incorporated the lace from my moms wedding gown with the lovely Ella Grace dress to create my heirloom gown. I can not begin to describe the feeling of joy that I have when I think about my wedding gown. Working with Heidi and her team was truly an experience my mom and I will cherish forever.

Tara Beaird McCraney

Wedding Date: 3/16/2018

Photographer: Rebecca Davidson Photography

Dress Worn: Hello Darling: Lacey Darling

-I can not say enough great things about Heidi and her girls!! They are the best! Best place to find the perfect wedding dress:). -The best experience I have had while looking for a wedding dress! And I have been to several places in Birmingham/Jasper/Atlanta. No one compares! Thank you for the wonderful experience, Heidi girls!

Kristen Morrison Fikes

Wedding Date: 3/10/2018

Photographer: Megan Forehand-Kennedy Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Coco Marie + Catherine Cap Sleeve 

I am so happy I chose to visit Heidi Elnora Atelier! Heidi was genuinely precious and I enjoyed every second of my appointment. All of the dresses are gorgeous, but she created a combination that was perfect for me. I was lucky enough to have Heidi be my consultant, buteveryone else was also knowledgeable and friendly. She was considerate of our budget and made every part of the experience enjoyable. I am so glad I chose to be a Heidi Bride!

Keenan Madden Lankford

Wedding Date: 3/3/2018

Photographer: Tiffany Coker Sanders with Aislinn Kate Photography 

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Meghan Augusta+Middleton Top

Getting to meet Heidi and have her help in selecting the perfect wedding gown was a dream come true. The entire Heidi team was so amazing and they made this special experience everything that I had hoped for and more. I can't thank them enough for not only the one-on-one attention in helping me try on dresses, but also the welcoming and warm environment they created for my bridesmaids and I to really enjoy the process.


Crawford Dowell Daniel

Wedding Date: 2/24/2018

Photographer: Mary Margaret Smith Photography

Dress Worn: buld-a-Bride: Custom Elizabeth Anne

Heidi and her team truly are amazing! I felt right at home the minute I walked through their door and they each made me feel so special. I cannot say enough good things about Heidi Elnora Atelier. Heidi, Elizabeth and Joy are the best of the best!

Nicole Pigeon

Wedding Date: 2/23/2018

Photographer: Brocato Photograhpy

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Custom Ella Grace

To sum up my experience at Heidi elnora I would say absolutely perfect! From beginning to end everything was more than I could have ever expected! 

Mary Bishop Trippe

Wedding Date: 2/10/2018

Photographer: Je Vois Photography 

Dress Worn: Heidi Elnora: Claudia Claudia

Ok so you are engaged and if you are like me, you have zero clues as to where to start looking for a dress. No I'm being serious - literally NO IDEA of what you want and where to find it. Of course we all know that there are some seriously amazing bridal boutiques in Birmingham but believe me when I tell you that the Atlier is where you have to go. Start there and you will end there. I walked in and I just had to be a part of the family. And you ARE family. I felt special and important during the entire experience. Liz was my go-to girl: y'all she became like my best friend in minutes. So sweet, kind, and accommodating. Let's not even get started on Heidi. She's brilliant. She can make you a dress of essentially your own design OR you can rock one of her magical concoctions (which is what I went with). Oh wait, she's also a super cool person. Her dresses are unique yet modern, timeless and elegant. And even better, you can put your own touch and style on them. Does it get any better than this girls? Long story short, this place is just everything I wanted and more in a bridal boutique experience. I'm honored to be a Heidi Bride.

Hanna Hixon Jordan

Wedding Date: 2/3/2018

Photographer: Wes Roberts Photography

Dress Worn: Heidi Elnora: Custom Georgia Bougeois

Favorite place, favorite people, the BEST part of my wedding experience so far!! I cannot say enough good things about their service! I had absolutely no clue what I was looking for in a gown, but they spent FIVE HOURS with me (yes, you read that correctly!) making sure I was not only satisfied with my gown, but absolutely smitten over it! All thanks to them, I absolutely cannot wait for February 3rd!!

Genny Pittman Stewart

Wedding Date: 1/13/2018

Photographer: Ann Wade Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Elizabeth Anne + Annie Veil

I walked into Heidi Elnora hoping to just try on silhouettes to see what fit well and I walked out with the perfect dress. I truly feel like the dress we picked was “me” in a dress! Heidi even convinced me with “a ring on my finger and a man that loves me” there was no reason to have a 2 year long engagement and it quickly changed to a one year engagement with my fiancé! Thank goodness!

Kristie Day 

Wedding Date: 1/13/2018

Photographer: AL Weddings

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Custom CoCo Marie + Charlotte Belt

I had searched multiple stores in Atlanta and was feeling down about not finding the dress. As soon as I perused the Heidi Elnora website, I knew this is where I would find my dress. Using build- a- bride, I was able to pick a dress style, pick the fabric, and make additions that made my dress unique to me. My favorite detail was the train! The process was so easy and I loved that my dress was made for ME.

Sarah Kingsley Spencer

Wedding Date: 1/13/2018

Photographer: Mary Grace Baker

Dress Worn: Hello Darling: Custom Lola Blair

Heidi and her team were created to create. During my first visit to Heidi Elnora Atelier, my dream wedding dress was born in Heidi's sketch book. One and a half years later that sketch came to life at the hands of Heidi's amazing team. While they seemlessly fulfill the call to create the dress of a lifetime, they also answer the highest call: to love. Each encounter with Heidi and her team left me feeling seen, heard, and important. May every bride have the opportunity to marry the love of their life wearing a dress that is stitched with love.

Haley Horn

Wedding Date: 1/6/2018

Photographer: Aislinn Kate Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Katie Grace + Middleton top + Eve Veil

I cannot say enough good things about the Heidi Elnora team! I was having a lot of trouble finding a wedding dress that I really loved until I came to Heidi Elnora. Elizabeth was so incredible to work with, she has such a creative eye and ability to make a dress uniquely tailored to your preferences. I would strongly recommend Heidi Elnora to anyone in the area, we drove 3.5 hours to come and it was worth every minute!! I cannot wait to wear my dress!