Sara O'Donnel Self

Wedding Date: 4/12/2013

Photographer: Graham Yelton

Dress Worn: Build-A-Bride: Katie Grace + Custom Lace Bodice + Ruched Belt

"I was never one to plan my wedding growing up, so when I met with Heidi I had no real specific plans for what I’d dreamed “my dress” should be like. Heidi listened to me prattle on about this or that and somehow out of all my nonsense and lack of direction made something almost magic. After two talking sessions, a penciled in sketch, and half a dozen fittings filled with silliness and excitement, it was done. I had a dress that was so beautiful and so perfect for me that I still can’t believe it. I felt like a real princess. More importantly though, I felt like myself. So I laughed and cried, posed, carried my son, hugged my family and friends, laid in the grass, climbed a rock, danced, kissed and promised in a dress that was as beautifully individual as I ever could have dreamed...and I did it with pockets."

Jenna Hill Rachal

Wedding Date: 3/29/2014

Photographer: Posh Images

Dress Worn: heidi elnora: Couture Heirloom

"Heidi has created two dresses for me, one as a coming of age debutant gown and the other was my wedding gown that I married the love of my life . Both times Heidi made me feel so special and beautiful. It was the best experience a girl could have on both occasions. She was able to see my vision and bring it to life. She created something so valuable and deserves a million and one thank yous. I hope my daughter is lucky enough to have a Heidi Elnora gown on her wedding day."

Nikki Noto Palmer

Wedding Date: 3/1/2014

Photographer: J. Rawlings Photography

Dress Worn: Build-A-Bride: Pretty Peplum + Ramsey Elizabeth Belt

"Heidi is an artisan wizard. She’s a perfectionist who focuses on intricate details and has the innate ability to read her clients hearts desires. She is a woman who is incredibly intentional with your visit and is genuinely interested in your life. Heidi has aheart of gold and hires team members with the same. The Heidi Bride experience is nothing short of enjoyable and memorable, which should be the same for your wedding dress."

Lauren Little Baker

Wedding Date: 10/19/2013

Photographer: Lisa Marie Photography

Dress Worn: heidi elnora: Couture

"Working with Heidi was such an amazing experience, she is so eager to make sure your vision comes to life for your dream wedding gown. At Heidi Elnora you are made to feel unique and special with each and every visit."

Katie Swallows

Wedding Date: 10/19/2013

Photographer: Katie Elise Photography

Dress Worn: Build-A-Bride: Coco Marie + Lace Bodice + Ruched Belt

"My experience was so great with Heidi we both said it was divine intervention! I called on a whim on a Friday to see if I could come in and look at dresses as Heidi states "if you don't care that I'm in my sweats with my hair in a bun". We met and I knew this is who I needed to make my wedding dress. I had a two year engagement and I wanted to loose some weight like most brides. Heidi believed I could and didn't finish the dress until about 2-3 weeks before the wedding. We had a dance party when we finally zipped the beautiful dress up. Heidi made my wedding dreams come true with my beautiful dress! Thank you so much Heidi!!"

Madeline Mitchell Gwin

Wedding Date: 7/20/2013

Photographer: Frank Carnaggio

Dress Worn: heidi elnora: Valerie Lynn

"I feel incredibly blessed to have met Heidi Elnora and her team. They are wonderful to work with. I am a very upbeat person, and I love color. I knew the moment I saw the Valerie Lynn that it was the perfect dress for me. It fit my personality to a T! Thank you for making me feel beautiful!"

Nicole Thomason Hardekopf

Wedding Date: 4/20/2013

Photographer: David Boyd Photography

Dress Worn: heidi elnora: Couture Heirloom

"Working with Heidi was like a dream. Her artistic ability is so unique, and she is able to grasp any concept you give her, and go the extra mile with making your wedding dress the perfect style and fit for you. She transformed my mother's wedding gown into a family heirloom, and for that I am forever grateful"

Katelyn Bass Holifield

Wedding Date: 3/23/2013

Photographer: Rob Ingram Photography

Dress Worn: heidi elnora: Reanna Alice

"We absolutely loved working with Heidi. She has so much personality to match her immense amount of talent. She made my dream dress a reality!"

Lisa Medley Cates

Wedding Date: 2/11/2013

Photographer: Rob Ingram Photography

Dress Worn: heidi elnora: Couture Heirloom

"My mother has always been my best friend. Not only do we share a very special relationship, we even share the same name. Ever since I was a little girl, I would look at her wedding photos from when she married my dad 31 years ago (this April), and be in awe of how beautiful she was. They have been an example of loving, committed marriage ever since. Shortly after I got engaged, I was so excited to try on her wedding gown. Although the style had changed a bit (she no longer liked the turtle neck look), I knew deep down I would love to be able to wear her gown in some way. After we boxed her dress back up, I called to schedule appointments at different bridal shops in Birmingham. My heidi elnora appointment was first. After the warmest welcome, Heidi pulled up her grandmother's rocking chair and began to talk to me about my fiance Bailey, the vision for our wedding, and my gown. After I tried on many different gowns, all different silhouettes, Heidi and my mom pulled out her wedding gown from the box. Heidi immediately had a vision, that was perfectly matched with the details I told her I'd love. After separating my mom's gown into pieces, Heidi draped and clamped me with fabric and pieces of my mom's gown to give us a visual. Then, she sketched the whole design (which is now framed in my home). At that point, I looked at my mom and told her we could cancel every other appointment because I knew no one else could make the gown of my dreams, using my mom's gown, or make us feel as special as Heidi and the entire heidi elnora team did. My mom and I both left the appointment on cloud 9 and never came down. Working with Heidi and my fitter each month was the most fun, special process for my mom and me. The finished product was beyond anything we could have expected and an experience I will cherish for a lifetime."

Lele Pouncey Fraser

Wedding Date: 8/1/2009

Photographer: Kim Box Photography

Dress Worn: heidi elnora: Couture

"A girl dreams of her wedding day her entire life, not only longing to know the face of her prince charming but envisioning what she would be wearing as she walks down the isle to take his hand. All that to say is "the dress' is kind of a big deal. I heard of Heidi from a friend not long before getting engaged, and I knew once that day came I would add her to my wedding dress shopping list. From the moment I walked in Heidi's shop in January 2009 I knew I needed to look no further. Not only did she win me over by her southern charm and amazing talent, but her big heart was what truly set her apart. Heidi gives her whole self to her designs and clients. She has this incredible gift to take what is in a girls head and somehow make it come to life. I feel so incredible blessed to have worn a Heidi Elnora dress as well as call her my dear friend." 

Jennifer Miller Reynolds

Wedding Date:5/31/2008

Photographer: Jim Little

Dress Worn: heidi elnora: Custom

"I love Heidi! She is genuinely sweet and so talented. Her passion for what she does is so inspiring. She truly made my dream come to life in designing my dress. She made sure every detail was perfect and I've never felt more beautiful than in my wedding dress."

Britni Ballard McMillan

Wedding Date: 5/24/2008

Photographer: Nanabell Art Photography

Dress Worn: heidi elnora: Custom

"I think the best way to explain the experience you get from becoming a Heidi Bride is love. The love you feel from the moment you walk in the door until your wedding day is something you will never forget. Heidi will laugh with you, cry with you, and make some of the best memories of your entire wedding process. She will not only fill every stitch on your gown with love but make sure you know “Sister's gotta walk down the isle in style”. From head to toe she will have you looking your best while also filling your heart with so much joy about your exciting future. Finding the perfect dress in the perfect atmosphere made perfectly for you is now a possibility thanks to Heidi." 

Heather Hale Anderson

Wedding Date: 11/10/2007

Photographer: Marriott Resort Kaui Photographer

Dress Worn: heidi elnora: Custom

"When I first starting looking for dresses, everything I saw in the stores were pretty but had too much of things I didn't want, or not enough of things I did want. My frustration was compounded by the fact that I was a plus size bride and was limited on dresses I could try on or styles that would flatter. The whole experience was very sterile and cold. I knew we would be in Hawaii, so I needed something light. I am a classic southern girl, so simple and elegant was also a requirement. I finally found the perfect dress, but it was discontinued. My only hope of finding the dress was to locate one in my size in a store I began calling every wedding store in Alabama. Within a few hours, Heidi called me back and told me she didn't have that exact dress, but told me she could make it for me. I was so tired of "No's" at that point, I was thrilled with someone with anything positive.From that moment on, my wedding dress experience was a dream come true! I met Heidi in her quaint little shop and felt like a friend right away. Every fitting was fun, light, and if it had the potential to turn into panic (which can and will happen during wedding planning), Heidi was right there with a hand to hold, a Kleenex for both of us (cause she would never let a bride cry alone), and always... ALWAYS, a solution after the meltdown. If you just want a wedding dress, there are plenty of places to find them. If you want an amazing experience, a friend, a charming atmosphere, and an amazing heirloom quality dress to help cap off the most amazing day of your life, then Heidi needs to be on your speed dial."