Maggie Howard

Wedding Date: 10/21/2017

Photographer: Jennie Tewell Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Sophie Paulette + Custom Clara Skirt + Lace Bodice

I cannot say enough great things about the ladies and my experience here! I had the pleasure of working with Joy and she is an angel sent from above! This was my eighth bridal salon visit and I was losing faith in finding my dress. Joy was so kind and a dream to work with. She didn't let me settle in one style and helped me design my dream dress. I was also able to speak with Heidi and she brought my vision to light. Other salons will ask you what you like but have to work within modification limits. It is hard because they try to push you in a dress when there are still parts you don't love. Heidi asked me what my vision was to the last detail and really cared about what I wanted. These ladies are amazing and by far the best. I can't thank them enough!

Jennifer Riemann Gautier

Wedding Date: 10/14/2017

Photographer: Bataco Co.

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Meghan Augusta + Custom Off Shoulder Top

I can't tell you how thankful I am to Heidi, Elizabeth and the rest of their team for helping my mom and I create my beautiful custom wedding dress. The Meghan Augusta's timeless trumpet organza gown was customized with a satin silk sash that encircled my shoulders and fastened in a V-shape showcasing the satin buttons that led down the chapel length train. It fit my personality perfectly and gave me that classic look that I had always dreamed about on my wedding day! It was such a pleasure to be a Heidi Bride!  - Jennifer

Madison Barker 

Wedding Date: 9/23/2017

Photographer: Arden Photography

Dress Worn: heidi elnora: Aster Mae + Small Sparkle Belt 

This is THE place to get your wedding dress! Heidi and her amazing team made my appointment so special. As soon as I walked in the store everyone made me feel like we had been friends forever. Which made trying on dresses so much more fun and exciting. Elizabeth Singleton made the appointment such a wonderful experience. My family and I fell in love with the team and the beautiful dress Heidi designed! Can't wait to see my new friends for my first fitting! :)

Tatum Henley Singley 

Wedding Date: 9/16/2017

Photography: Catherine Taylor

Dress Worn: heidi elnora: Galyn Dane 

Cannot say enough great things about this place and their team! Visiting Heidi Elnora Atelier was one of the best experiences I've had. From the minute you pull onto the street, your whole mood changes. I walked through the front doors to be greeted by Elizabeth, who was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Everything was absolutely beautiful and you could tell everyone there truly loves what they do. The website made dress shopping so easy. I was able to go online prior to my appointment, pick out my favorite dresses, and I had a list for Elizabeth when I walked in the door. She set me up in a fabulous dressing room, grabbed all of my favorite gowns, and we immediately started trying them on. Sure enough, the one I'd been eyeing all week was my favorite and I couldn't live without it. Elizabeth was open and honest with me, and helped me make my decision with absolutely no stress at all. I never thought I'd be so confident in a dress decision, but Elizabeth and her team made the whole process so easy from the way they clamped the dress to give me the full effect to the way they described what the alterations would be like. Their team was fabulous. They even were texting Heidi pictures of my dress options for her approval and suggestions. They celebrated with me afterwards and provided champagne to me and my friends. I felt guilty for being there so late and knew they probably wanted to leave, but wasn't surprised when they said they were going to stay later into the night to sort accessories and have fun. Their team was truly amazing and are the kind of people you'll want to see over and over again. I can't wait to go back and visit with all of them soon.

Paige Wills

Wedding Date: 9/16/2017

Photography: Paul Johnson Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Coco Marie + V-neck Lace Top

When you walk in the front doors of Heidi Elnora Atelier you immediately fall in love with the space. It is both elegant and beautiful, and exactly what you would imagine when trying on wedding dresses! The build-a-bride collection is perfect for anyone unsure of what they are looking for, like myself. I was able to customize the PERFECT dress with the help from Elizabeth, who is seriously AMAZING! I was the only one in the store that day and was able to pull everyone out of the sewing room and upstairs to get their opinion as I walked down the hall in multiple dress options - an experience you will NEVER get anywhere else! I cannot rave about the Heidi team enough. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and stop by!

StephanieWilkins Morrow

Wedding Date: 8/19/2017

Photography: Megan Murphy - A Still Breath

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Meghan Augusta

All in all, though maybe an unconventional client, everyone made me feel like family and look like a Bride.

Laurie Smith Negre

Wedding Date: 7/22/2017

Photography: Sweet Julep Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Kristen Nicole Skirt + Sweetheart Top + Hilary Halter

I first visited Heidi Elnora Atelier for a Sample Dress Sale. I had heard that the dresses took longer to ship and I was planning a short engagement, so I had not planned to shop at Atelier at all. {News flash: They are actually super fast to come in!} My mom and I tried to swing by before another wedding dress appointment and ended up only having time to try on one dress. Joy felt so bad we were rushed and promised to take care of us if we came back after my next appointment. She wasn't kidding!! After not finding a dress at my next appointment, we went back to Morris Avenue. Joy was ready and willing to find me the perfect dress! She listened to me describe my wedding day, what I had been trying on and basically every wish I had and she literally made my dreams come true. The dream dress ended up not being on sale, but Joy made sure I got what I wanted. It was as if she had been my best friend forever and knew what I was thinking. I went with the build a bride line and could not be more in love with my dress. The overall experience was amazing. Throughout wedding planning, the only thing I had really stressed over was the dress. Each time I tried them on (before going to Heidi Elnora) I got an awful headache, but my time with Joy could not have been more relaxing and enjoyable. <3

Alison Antee Hayes

Wedding Date: 7/8/2017

Photography: Michelle Stanislo

Dress Worn: Custom: Coco Marie + Custom Lace Bodice + Custom Off Shoulder Detail

The Heidi Elnora team is absolutely fabulous! I highly recommend her to any and every type of bride; she has a dress for all types and if not she can create what you desire! I absolutely loved working with Elizabeth! She was able to understand my vision and help me create my dream dress.

Lara Lazenby West

Wedding Date: 7/8/2017

Photography: Alisha Crossley Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Ella Grace + Lace Bodice

Goodness I seriously cannot say enough good things about my experience here! The store downtown is stunning and that is an experience in and of itself. Heidi literally read my mind and all the things I had always dreamed about in a wedding dress but couldn't put into words. She is so sweet and takes into consideration and helps you out with exactly what will fit your body type. Every single person that worked there was so kind and friendly and made you feel like a million dollars. Heidi, Elizabeth and the entire team go above and beyond to help you feel beautiful! She is amazingly talented and has the kindest spirit. I would HIGHLY recommend shopping here!

Meagan Malone Fleenor

Wedding Date: 6/30/2017

Photography: Mary Alex Grace Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Marissa Ellen Skirt + Sweetheart Top + Lace Bodice

Heidi and her team are hands down the best you will find! I was honored to work personally with Liz and Heidi to find the perfect wedding dress. I visited several other bridal salons and none even begin to compare. Heidi will take as much time needed to bring your vision and personality to life! It was a dream to work with both ladies and it was such an effortless, meaningful, and magical day! This set the tone for the exciting engagement period and made me look forward to my big day even more! I can't say enough about Heidi and her team. They make you feel like family :)


Ellen Williams Hart

Wedding Date: 6/17/2017

Photography: Allison Lewis Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Custom Ella Grace + Chloe Crop Top Extended + Ruched Belt

When I went to heidi elnora, I was the bride who knew EXACTLY what she wanted, but I was unable to put it into words. Thankfully, Elizabeth and Heidi were so patient with me and helped me every step of the way. They took my dream of combining family wedding dresses to make my own. I am so thankful for their help and undivided attention to me and my mom. The service and experience at heidi elnora is unparalleled, and I can't imagine getting my dress anywhere else! Thanks for the custom build-a-bride dress, heidi! I can't wait to wear it!

Claire Hubbs Gray

Wedding Date: 6/12/2017

Photography: Sarah Vaughan Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Katie Grace + Chloe Crop Top Extended

Working with the Heidi Elnora Atelier team was a dream -- I could not have envisioned a more perfect dress! Thank you!

Ashley Ezelle Barahona

Wedding Date: 6/3/2017

Photography: Eric and Jamie Photography

Dress Worn: heidi elnora Custom: Lacey Williams Bodice + Scarlett Mitchell Skirt

For any bride in the Birmingham area (or any reasonable distance), do yourself a favor & make an appointment with Heidi Elnora today! Truly, she and her fabulous team (LOVE Elizabeth!) offer up the quintessential bridal experience (really, how many brides can say that they got to meet and work with the designer of their gown?). Not only does Heidi have a gorgeous [constantly evolving] collection of gowns, but the opportunities for customization are endless. To top it all off, her downtown atelier is STUNNING and worth a visit alone. Needless to say, we are SO lucky to have Heidi in Birmingham! Don't choose your wedding gown without her.

Christy Boardman Kuklinski

Wedding Date: 5/13/2017

Photographer: Beth Hontzas

Dress Worn: Custom Vivienne Beau with Brazilian Lace

“Upon entering Heidi Elnora Atelier, I felt like I was stepping into a fairy tale. Heidi transformed my vision for a dress that I could not remotely verbalize into a reality even more beautiful than I could have imagined. The talent, quality, and service at Heidi Elnora would put any bride (and, any #Heidimom) at ease, knowing that her dress for such a special day is in the best hands possible.”

Jenny White Jessup

Wedding Date: 5/20/2017

Photographer: Amber Vongsamphanh

Dress Worn: Ella Grace with Heirloom Lace

“I absolutely LOVED my experience with Heidi Elnora. I drove from Nashville, TN to go see them and it so beyond worth it. From the moment you walk in, blown away by the sheer beauty of the space and items around you, they go above and beyond to make you feel special and important. I was awed at the fact that they had me as the only bride in there. You can't get that most places. I was so calm and relaxed I was positive every choice was perfect. No anxiety or pressure allowed there. Then there was my dress. It was perfect. They altered my grandmother's wedding dress, that my mother also wore, beautifully. It kept the spirit and timeless beauty of the dress while altering it to fit me and my personality. The best thing they did was taking the lace from her dress and making it a separate piece. Now every girl in the family, or marrying in, is wearing it in their weddings. Seriously can't recommend them enough. They were so kind and helpful regarding my out of state experience. If Heidi Elnora is 10 min down the road or a 10 hour flight it's worth it. I wouldn't have trusted our heirloom dress to anyone else.”


Tasha Lamberto Coryell

Wedding Date: 5/20/2017

Photographer: Debbie Kizziah

Dress Worn: Kristin Nicole Skirt + Penelope Darling Bodice

“Working with Elizabeth at Heidi Elnora was wonderful. I never felt pressured to try on dresses that were not my style or out of my price range. I was able to try on a variety of option and settle on the perfect dress for me, even if that "perfect dress" meant combining the top of one gown with the skirt of another. On my wedding day, many of the compliments I received noted how the dress fit my style exactly. I would recommend any bride go to Heidi Elnora to find their gown.”

Anna Henderson Crook

Wedding Date: 5/13/2017

Photography: Kelli + Daniel Taylor Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Coco Marie + V-neck Lace Top

Heidi and her team made choosing my wedding dress the easiest and most fun part of planning! From the warm welcome when I walked in the door to the beautifully appointed space to the way they listened to my ideas, nothing was short of wonderful! Heidi and Elizabeth put me at ease throughout the process and I had such confidence in their ability to choose a dress that was perfect for me. I was amazed at how quickly they were able to give me a dress with all the components I had envisioned. The talents, kind hearts and fun spirits of the girls at Heidi Elnora Atelier are unmatched and I am so thankful I was able to work with them!

Samantha Walker Whorton

Wedding Date: 5/6/2017

Photography: Rebecca Wesson Photography

Dress Worn: build-A-Bride: Coco Marie + Chloe Crop Top Extended

Bridal dress shopping at heidi elnora was such an enjoyable experience! This was the only store I went to that didn't feel cluttered or overwhelming. It was so relaxing from the second I walked in! Also, Elizabeth was AWESOME! She was so attentive to my thoughts and ideas while keeping my budget in mind the entire time. She helped me decipher what was in my mind and build the dress I was dreaming about! She also was super helpful on the phone before my appointment when I had scheduling conflicts arise. I will be recommending heidi elnora to everyone I know and meet! :)

Logan Little Pierce

Wedding Date: 4/29/2017

Photographer: Sweet Julep Photography

Dress Worn: Custom

“Ever since I was a little girl, I’d always had a specific vision in my head of what I wanted my wedding dress to look like. I went to countless places in search of my perfect dress, but was never able to find exactly what I had envisioned. The minute I stepped into Heidi Elnora Atelier I was welcomed, loved on, and listened to every step of the way. I was able to sit down with Heidi and tell her all the little details about my dress, and within minutes, she sketched the dress that turned my dream into a reality. Throughout the process, Heidi and Elizabeth spent countless hours with me making sure that everything was perfect, and I am completely in awe of the way they made me feel so cherished and celebrated. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world! What a blessing Heidi Elnora and her staff are!”


BaileyUnderwood Faucett

Wedding Date: 4/29/2017

Photographer: Natalie Wippler

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Custom Elizabeth Anne + Meghan Augusta

"Winning the Build A Bride contest was such a blessing. I never dreamed it was possible to have the perfect dress until the moment I saw mine. Heidi and her team do NOT disappoint. I am so thankful for their kindness and helpfulness throughout the process of choosing a dress and having it made for me."

Caylin Bankstone Parker

Wedding Date: 4/22/2017

Photographer: Neal Reeves

Dress Worn: Custom

"I entrusted Heidi Elnora Atelier with one of my most cherished pieces, my grandmother and my mother's wedding dress. My grandmother wore the dress in 1960, my mother wore it in 1987, and now it was my turn. Heidi, Elizabeth, and their team took a simple 50's style dress and transformed it into the dress of my dreams! I was even fortunate enough to add a little lace from my mother- in- law's gown. I could not have dreamed up a better experience than working with Heidi and Elizabeth! Thank you for helping to make me feel like the most special bride in the world!"


Mallory Branch Phillippi

Wedding Date: 5/13/2017

Photographer: AL Weddings

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Ella Grace + V-neck Riley Lace

"Their service is unparalleled and they truly make you feel like a top priority...I could not imagine not having the Heidi Elnora team be apart of making my day so special."

Jonna Gray Dyer

Wedding Date: 3/25/2017

Photography: Stacie Holland Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Elizabeth Anne + V-neck Lace Top

Absolutely, hands down, would never want to have gotten my dress anywhere else. The staff was so friendly and was going to stop at nothing to make sure I found my perfect dress. The Build- a- Bride line has got to be the smartest, best thing ever! I cannot say enough about howmuch I loved my expericence. So happy to be a Heidi Bride!

Lauren Casada Nolan

Wedding Date: 3/25/2017

Photographer: The Renauds

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Ruthy Gail + Brookley Lace Straps

"My mom and I traveled from out of state to visit bridal salons in Birmingham after looking in many other places with no luck. After a disappointing morning, we visited the Heidi Elnora Atelier and were blown away! The moment we stepped inside, my mom exclaimed 'your dress is here! I feel it!'. She was right!
I was only shopping sample dresses but that didn't stop Joy and the rest of her team from treating me like a princess. I selected a sample dress and asked for a few modifications. They graciously spent over an hour with me customizing my stunning gown. What is even better...they kept everything in my budget!
These ladies are the real deal! I left feeling like I was a part of the family. They made the entire experience nothing short of a dream! I can't thank them enough!"

Megan Bissiri Johnson

Wedding Date: 4/1/2017

Photographer: Jennifer Oetting Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Vivienne Beau

"Heidi was wonderful to work with and helped me create my dream dress. I went all over town trying to find a simple and classic dress that did not overwhelm me and fell short. I was referred to Heidi to create the dress of my dreams and her Build-a-bride line allowed me to do that!"

Haley Thomason McCollum

Wedding Date: 3/4/2017

Photographer: Followell Fotography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: CoCo Marie + Chloe Crop

"Simply putting on a wedding gown is only part of the bridal journey. It's about the experience and people who help you find the perfect gown that truly make you feel like a bride. Everyone at heidi elnora Atelier was so kind and made all my bridal dreams a reality!"

Sarah Hayes Yellen

Wedding Date: 3/18/2017

Photographer: Haley Rynn Ringo

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Custom

"Heidi Elnora gave me the opportunity to create my dream wedding dress. Working with Elizabeth and Heidi was hands down one of the greatest parts of planning the wedding. The talent, creativity and hard work that the team puts into creating a dress from the build-a-bride collection can only be described as a beautiful and complex masterpiece. These women have dedicated so much of their careers into making the process a wonderful experience for brides and I was a recipient of their wonderful care and talent. Having my wedding dress read heidi elnora Atelier on the label is such SUCH an honor."

Kelsey Harja Robinson

Wedding Date: 3/18/2017

Photographer: J. Messer Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Custom Katie Grace

"I had the absolute BEST experience at Heidi Elnora! Her boutique is incredibly charming, and her dresses are heavenly. The Build-a-Bride line is genius, and I couldn't have been more in love with my dress! Her staff is friendly, caring, and attentive. I truly felt like I was part of their family. Hands down, I would recommend Heidi Elnora to every bride I know (and I already have)!"

Taylor Keith Wilson

Wedding Date: 3/11/2017

Photographer: Freshly Bold Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Elizabeth Anne + V-neck Lace Top + Clara Skirt

"I cannot say enough about how talented Heidi's team is! I had no idea what style of dress I was looking for when I arrived at my appointment and their build-a-bride line was me the perfect fit for me! Elizabeth made sure I was taken care of every step of the way. My experience was incredible from start to finish and was truly one of the highlights of my wedding planning process!  I am so honored to be a part of the Heidi bride family!"

Macie Haymon Posey

Wedding Date: 3/10/2017

Photographer: W&E Photographie

Dress Worn: Hello Darling: Blakelee Darling

"My experience at heidi elnora Atelier was one of the best of my entire wedding planning process! The team worked so hard to make me feel beautiful in every dress I tried, but to also ensure that I got the dress of my dreams. I wanted a dress that was trendy and bohemian while also being traditional and simple, and I found exactly that with Heidi's Hello Darling collection. No request was too big and no small detail was too small for them. The entire team just goes above and beyond in every single detail and when you become a #heidibride, you truly join a family. I could not have been more pleased with my experience!"

Kasyn Ryan Wilson

Wedding Date: 1/21/2017

Photographer: Megan Forehand-Kennedy Photography

Dress Worn: build-a-Bride: Coco Marie + Frances Fitted Overlay + Catherine Long Sleeve Cover-Up

"heidi elnora was able to create the dress of my dreams that I had envisioned ever since I was a little girl. I had always dreamed of a dress that was timeless, elegant, and brought out my inner beauty and I found just that in building my dress with heidi and her team. This is the dress that I will treasure for a lifetime and a piece that will always remind me of the most important day of my life. I was honored to wear the name of heidi elnora on my wedding day because every detail was thought, drawn, and stitched perfectly from start to finish. Working with Heidi, Elizabeth, and her staff was such an unforgettable experience and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with everyone and for all the relationships made throughout the process. A simple "thank you" will never be able to express how much I appreciate all of you at the Atelier."